Be Mindful of Your Surroundings
  • Call from a quiet location.
  • Turn off the ringer of a multi-line phone or any other phone in the room.
Use Optimal Equipment
  • The best equipment choice for your conference is a phone unit directly hard-wired into telephone lines.
  • If possible, avoid using cell phones, cordless phones, speaker phones and Internet telephone services for your conference, as they often pick up static and background noise.
  • A bad connection can sometimes be the cause of background static. If this happens, hang up and dial in again until you get a clear line.
  • Test the working condition of your equipment before a significant conference.

Don't Forget the Extras
  • Do not put your phone on hold if you have on-hold music or advertisements. Your on-hold music will play for conference Participants making conversation impossible in your absence.
  • Turn off your call waiting or its beeping will disrupt the conference and may be confused with entry or exit chimes.  For example, dialling *70 before the conference dial-in number disables call waiting for some phone services. If you need assistance with this feature, contact your local phone service provider.
Take Advantage of Conference Controls
  • Self-mute can be used by any conference Participant and can be turned on and off by toggling "*6" on the telephone keypad.
  • Decide which conference mode works best for your conference and toggle "*7" on your telephone keypad to make your selection.  You must have entered your Organizer Access Code when joining a conference to access this control during a conference

Conversation Mode provides an open, un-muted conference in which all Participants can speak freely. This mode works best for small groups of conferees.

Q&A Mode automatically mutes members of the conference call who entered the Participant Access Code, while still allowing those who entered with the Organizer Access Code to speak.  However, muted Participants may un-mute themselves by pressing touch-tone "*6".  This mode works best with medium or large groups of conferees.

Presentation Mode automatically mutes members of the conference call who entered the Participant Access Code, enabling conference Participants to listen without being able to speak to others on the conference.  This mode works best with large groups of conferees for reducing background noise.

We hope you will find our tips on eliminating conference call background noise and distractions will help keep the focus on what's most important, your message.