Reservationless Standard and Web-Scheduled Standard conferences:

No. There are absolutely no surcharges. For Reservationless Standard Web-Scheduled Standard and Web-Scheduled Web-Scheduled Standard conferences, nothing extra will appear on your bill other than the call itself, billed at your normal long-distance rate.

Web-Scheduled Premium 800 conferences:

Yes, for Web-Scheduled Premium 800 conference calls, nothing will appear on your phone bill whatsoever. Instead, we will bill your credit card for the total amount of time each participant is present in the conference call, at the rate of $0.10 per minute per caller, plus the Federal Universal Service Fund Fee.

Beginning October 1, 2008, iotum®, will begin assessing the Federal Universal Service Fund Fee on all paid telecommunication services*, which is designed to recover iotum' contribution to the Federal Universal Service Fund.

iotum calculates the Federal Service Fund Fee as a percentage of all per–minute premium services. The percentage that iotum applies is the same as the FCC's universal service contribution factor. The current contribution factor can be found at:

This means that you will see an additional charge as a line item on your conference call receipt.