In order for conference participants to reach our service, each one must call a telephone number. For Reservationless Standard and Web-Scheduled Standard conferences this number may be local or long distance, depending on their location. The only costs for these type of conference calls are whatever long distance rates are charged by each individual conference participant's long distance carrier (Sprint, MCI, AT&T, etc.). We do not require the use of any specific carrier, nor do we know what rates you pay on your calling plan.

For Web-Scheduled Premium 800 conference calls the dial-in number will be a toll-free number.  The conference Organizer will pay $0.10 per minute for each Participant in the conference.  Since the Participants in the conference will use a toll-free number they will not incur any charges for use of our service.

For further information please refer to our services chart for a detailed comparison of our three conference products.