On November 3rd, 2022 your FreeConference.com account will get a new look. Your basic teleconferencing service will remain mostly unchanged, dial-in numbers and access codes will remain the same.


The table below lists the differences between the legacy and new 'refreshed' version of FreeConference.com.

LEGACY Service

REFRESHED FreeConference.com


Access code


Subscriber PIN


Moderator PIN


Enter your moderator PIN to access moderator privileges.

The subscriber PIN is no longer required.

⚠️ It is no longer required to enter the star key before any code.

Calling in as



Calling in as conference ‘Moderator’


  1. Call your assigned dial-in number

  2. Enter your ‘Moderator PIN

  3. Press the pound key #

OR if you have scheduled back-to-back / overlapping conferences with different access codes:

  1. Call your assigned dial-in number

  2. Enter your ‘Access Code

  3. Press the pound key #

  4. Once in the conference, press the pound key again, followed by the moderator PIN and then the pound key once more. i.e. if the moderator PIN is 1234567, enter #1234567#


The subscriber PIN is no longer required.

It is no longer required to enter the star key before the organizer access code.

Additional support articles:

How and when to use the moderator PIN

Telephone moderator controls


All accounts will now renew on the first of the month


Billing dates for subscriptions used to depend on when you initially signed up. On the new platform, all accounts will be billed on the first of each month. Where your billing date was not previously the first, you will have been credited with a prorated amount for October 2022 to ensure you were not overcharged.


Our toll free service will no longer charge your card after each meeting ends, instead, all meetings in a given month will be combined together and you will receive one detailed invoice and charge at the beginning of each month.


Contact customer support if you need to access previous invoices and view your billing history since moving to the upgraded platform.




ALL conferences can last up to 12 hours

Old account



New updated dashboard design



Schedule a


Schedule a conference

  1. Click ‘Schedule

  2. Choose a date/time

  3. Add participants you want to invite - no need to tell us how many will join your meeting, you can have up to 150 participants in any meeting (participants don't need to receive an email invitation to be able to join your conference). 

  4. Choose optional dial-in numbers

  5. Click ‘Schedule’ to notify invitees

  6. The meeting will be added automatically to the default calendar application connected to your email account and all invitees will receive an email invitation.

Call recording

Call recording

  1. Ensure that you use your moderator PIN to connect to the meeting

  2. Press *9 to initiate recording

  3. OR set your meeting to auto-record when scheduling

Learn more about recording >>

The conference

will start when:

1. The second

caller joins

2. The host joins

Waiting room


  1. Waiting room off - conference starts when second caller joins

  2. Waiting room on - conference starts when moderator (host) joins

One dial-in


Multiple dial-ins can be used with each conference call

You and your particpants are no longer limited to using just your primary dial-in number when joining conference calls. As well as a selection of international dial-in numbers, participants can now choose from multiple US numbers. As long as everyone uses your access code when calling, it doesn’t matter which dial-in number is used to join.



or overlapping


User the security settings and book your meeting with a random access code


No need to change your organizer access code to have multiple/overlapping meetings. Select the security option when scheduling to set a random code for your meetings.  Learn more here >>


To join as organizer when you have overlapping meetings using the random code, first use the unique access code for that meeting, then once on the conference, hit the pound key followed by your moderator PIN and then the pound key once more (e.g. #1234567#).


*Not available with all subscriptions