If you've not yet updated your FreeConference.com account, you can do so by opening a ticket or contacting the support team by submitting a ticket or sending us an email.

Submit a ticket

Email: support@freeconference.com

Switching to the new platform will mean that you receive a new US dial-in number, however your Access Code will usually stay the same. Any contacts will also be exported over to the address book in your new account. The service on the ‘new’ platform is essentially the same FreeConference.com you are used to, only it has more additional features and a new design. There is no additional charge to switch and you can also retain access to and use the ‘old’ account if you need to.

This new platform is also more flexible, as we have more dial-in numbers available that can be requested if some callers have issues and we also have the option for some participants to call via internet. In addition to this, we also have video and screen sharing services, plus a large number of international dial-ins if you have callers outside of the US.

You can read more about all the features available on the new platform here: https://www.freeconference.com/features/