assigns all dial-in numbers in order to balance capacity on our conference bridges. It is not possible to select one's own conference call dial-in number.

Web-scheduled conferences have a guaranteed time slot on our conference bridge for the number of participants, date, and time that you select. You reserve this time slot in advance through our site and call the assigned dial-in telephone number; your call information will be valid only during the actual reservation. One main advantage to our web-scheduled product is the ability to send invitations through our site and track RSVP's (More information).

Reservationless conferences allow you to call any time you want, without scheduling your conference through the website. You just create a conference on-demand using your own planning tools. When you register for an account, you will receive a dedicated Dial-in Number and Access Code. Just let your participants know the date, time, Dial-in Number and Access Code. If using our Reservationless Premium 800 service, you will be prompted to enter your subscriber pin. You can use your reservationless dial-in number and unique access code as often as you’d like (More information).